Why are Serviced Office Spaces Better than Other Workspaces?

Serviced Space Are Better Then Other

Serviced Space

You have an idea and you are working pretty well but now since you are growing you need an office space for your company. Ohh! So, hectic work seems upfront? But wait, have you heard about serviced offices space? Yeah, they are created to take off your worries and scrap them into one beautiful and streamlined way. You might have heard about managed office spaces and owning a private office but what makes the serviced offices better than others? 

Let’s figure it out based on some key factors. 

1. Convenience

Since now you have decided to have the office space on rent for your business, what is the one thing you would focus on maximum? Obviously convenience, how easy would it get for you and your team to work and reach to better productivity. So, where does the Serviced office stand here?

Serviced Office Spaces Other Office Spaces
Serviced offices on rent are present at the top of the convenience chart. Your tables, internet cables, canteen, reception, meetings rooms, air conditioning and if any of this gets damaged then the repairing service also, it all gets streamlined into a single responsible person of the office providers. You need to worry only for business goals and growth. Everything else is managed by the office managers who provide serviced offices on rentals.  Now, if you are deciding to own a managed office space or private office on your own, you will get a blank canvas to paint. But it is not easy like painting, it’s like managing the furniture, designing an interior, asking cable operators to work on your office, your own reception, canteen and everything. 

2. Flexibility

Going into a new working space or first time deciding to have a working space for the company is a decision that has uncertainties ahead. For every business, flexibility in a contract of office space gives them a lot of freedom. Do Serviced offices stand firmly to this test also? Let’s find it out. 

Serviced Office Spaces Other Office Spaces
You will find so many workspaces for rental providers across Indore but serviced office space providers offer you complete flexibility in owning the space. There are contracts ranging from 6 months to 2 years and more. Founders and Business owners love to don’t get bounded by a contract that lasts at least for 3 years. What if you own an office with no future surety of reaching goals and getting everything right? For SMBs, agreeing to a 5 year long or even 3-year long contract can be vague and a burden on them. This really affects the decisions you make and it’s an additional mental stress to you that keeps banging in the head. These kinds of workspaces for startups are therefore not suitable. 

3. Payment Hustle

A third but very important element is how are the Founders and Business owners paying for serviced offices on rent? We all know how hectic the bills of electricity, internet, water and other regular services are. Will Serviced offices help the owners here also? 

Serviced Office Spaces Other Office Spaces
Helping the directors and owners of startups and businesses, serviced offices for business stand out here too. All your monthly payments that include the cost of internet, electricity, repairing, maintenance, are streamlined into single monthly or quarterly payment. Just a few moments spared to pay this payment and you again focus on the business goals. Consider a managed space or privately owned space, and you know that you have to take care of every bill separately. You have to give your complete last week to completing the billings of service providers. For the co-founders to get involved into such hustle is not a good sign for their business. Also, if any furniture, gets damages or bulb is fused, that’s an additional hustle to be managed by the same team. 

So, What’s Better for your Startup? 

We checked the Furnished office spaces in Indore and on the basis of three vital factors, it is very clear that Serviced offices for business are the best suitable options. Other office spaces and Workspaces for startups just add some hustle and bustle to your daily activities.

You see the convenience where you are not involved in any of monthly payments, services, furniture and all. The flexibility of the contract also helps the business owners choose one of the serviced office spaces. In Indore location, which is turning into the hotspot for the Startups and Businesses, Sky Space is providing all sorts of spaces for enterprises, startups and SMBs. In the category of Serviced office spaces, Sky Space stands at the top with best businesses partnering with them and startups are also joining hands with them because of affordable and creative packages that help them all the way. Sky Space is located at the most premium location, it has been serving entrepreneurs with serviced offices in Indore from last few years. 

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