How Can You Start your Business with Coworking Space after Lockdown?

Unlock Your Business With Coworking Space

The global pandemic has destroyed the businesses and economy across the globe. A constant fear has made a separate place in the hearts of consumers and businesses.

The whole world was locked down due to the fear of COVID19. The toll of the number of people being affected by the pandemic is on the constant rise everyday. There is no idea on when the lives are going to become normal and everyone can roam across like the good old days.

A number of businesses were impacted due to the pandemic and are waiting to get a speedy recovery. A new work culture of work from home has emerged as a life saviour businesses to keep the economy alive.

We all know that this pandemic is not going to last forever. Though there is not much relaxation in the situation of pandemic, but to keep the economy running the government is taking various steps to open the work spaces and offices across the country.

Co-working spaces are amongst the most affected industries due to the COVID19.

During the lockdown the empty chairs of the co-working spaces were missing the productive startup discussion, brainstorming ideas and gossip at the coffee machine.

The basic idea of co-working spaces for startups was built upon the community building and networking in which the people from various walks of business and industries come together and work together.

With the advent of COVID19 the very basic idea of the coworking spaces for businesses are in danger as the social distancing will become a part of our lives for a longer time.

But is it really going to suffer?

Well the answer is no. Co-working spaces for startup business are expected to show the most speedy recovery. This has been evident by the increasing demands of the coworking spaces on rent in the various cities after the unlocking begins.

Why will Coworking Spaces show a speedy recovery?

  1. Cost effective – Every other sector was impacted due to the COVID19. Thus, after the reopening of the offices and business, they  are focused to curb down the expenses. Co-working spaces on rent are way more cheaper than renting a usual office space on rent. Thus the demand for coworking office space for startups is going to see a surge.
  2. Flexibility in renting office space – This COVID19 has definitely taught us the lesson that the future is uncertain. The best thing about the Co-working spaces for businesses is that they provide flexible office space on rent options. 

    A business can start business after unlock by renting office spaces even for a month or a day. So, if a business rents the coworking spaces and tomorrow again such a situation arises when your employees can’t come to office you don’t need to pay the rent for the years or so as per the agreement.
  3. Social Distancing policy in offices – Most businesses will not be able to operate in their regular office. In order to follow the social distancing norms and minimal occupancy rate, the offices cannot accommodate the same no employees as they used to in their regular office. Neither can they afford to build a new office arena. Thus the only option is coworking spaces.
  4. Work from home – This pandemic has taught the business that remote working is possible to some extent. The progress of the remote working ideology is a direct benefit to the coworking spaces. 

    Also, some of the companies will continue and allow their team to work from home. But the productivity at home is not efficient as compared to offices thus, these team members will approach the nearby coworking spaces to give their best shot at work.
  5. Offices cutting the excessive costStarting business after unlocking will start working a new cost of maintaining the hygiene in the office spaces on rent will be introduced. A lot more expenses such as regular check of employees before entry and exit, providing hand sanitizers, sanitizing the work spaces, providing different water coolers and coffee machines  are some of the expenses that many companies will try to avoid. Thus they will shift to coworking spaces on rent where they don’t care about these extra responsibilities.

    On one hand it seems like COVID-19 has completely destroyed the business of coworking spaces but on the other hand it has opened up an ocean of opportunities for them. Fortunes are going to turn for the coworking spaces for sure, Also the experts are saying that the sector will show the fastest recovery.

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Thinking to start your business with Coworking spaces post lockdown?

After the lockdown one of the most important priorities for every person is health and hygiene. Thus, to start business after unlock you need to keep in mind to provide your employees a safe environment to work. Along with providing a healthy environment to your employees a crucial factor will be to curb these expensenses, thus office spaces on rent in coworking space will be a great option to start.

To keep your employees motivated and increase the productivity of the team at the workplaces here are some of the tips to follow –

  1. Maintaining social distancing in the workplace – It is very important to maintain at least 6 feet distance in between the desks in office space. Also, maintaining the social distance in the meeting rooms is important to ensure the safety of your valuable employees.
  2. Duties rotation – The employees now have to work on the duty rotation basis or shift basis to avoid the gathering of a large number of people in the office. Thus, a part of the team has to work from home and the rest have to work from the office at the same time to ensure safety. 
  3. Sanitize the workplace – Regular sanitization of the workplace is important to maintain the hygiene of the workspace. Regular sanitization of desks multiple times a day, entry of the employees only after washing hands and using sanitizer before entering the office, meeting rooms to be sanitized before and after the meeting, common touch points such as water coolers and coffee machines need to be sanitized various times.
  4. Temperature checkups of employees – Regular temperature checkups for the employees to make the other coworkers feel safe. And ensures that the person entering the workplace is not infected and will help the employees to feel confident.
  5. Stress buster activities & Safety drills – Amidst of the fear of COVID19, it is important to take care of the mental health of your employees. Thus regular stress buster activities can help a lot. Along with it safety drills by professionals to maintain hygiene and social distancing will help the employees be educated and motivated.

Renting the right office spaces is a crucial part to start business after unlock. Partnering with the right coworking spaces and Office Space on Rent will take half of your worries to keep the working environment hygienic and make the employees feel confident.

Looking for a right Coworking space to start business after unlocking?

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