What Are The Top Coworking Amenities by Choosing Skyspace for Your Small Business?

Facilities by SKySpace for Coworking

In our businesses, we all see profit and loss, down and fall, grow and shrink in our life. So the need for office space also changes by default with a change in our business status. And as experts say, a business work setting can have a profound impact on the success of business and productivity of the employees. So office space for startups that not only suits you but also suits your employees can be one of the most challenging and overwhelming tasks a company faces. For a company that signs on for the wrong space, the duration of the lease can be the major problem for them. Because leases can run up to several years. 

Signing on a wrong place or a wrong location can also cost you any employees or clientele. It will affect your day to day operations and staff morale. Ultimately it will also affect the image of your brand. Because no one wants to deal with the company who is unable to deal with its workplace and employees. Therefore at Skyspace, we offer these basic amenities so that your small-sized business or coworking space for startups will not have to face any issue due to lack of facilities at the workplace.

1. Prime Location

We all know that location is very important for any small-sized business or any company. Because it decides the accessibility of your clients. Skyspace is located in the heart of Indore. And easy to access for all your clients and employees without any hassle. Therefore it will be a suitable choice for any company. Our offices are at the most precise area of the city such as- Scheme 54 PU4, Scheme 78 and Vijay Nagar, Indore . These offices are very popular and that’s why we are your perfect choice for furnished offices on rent in Indore. 

2. Fully Furnished Space

This sounds very obvious? Yes I know, everybody will search for the fully furnished space and who will just want a room without tables. But, here comes exclusive customized fully furnished office space that suits you. Sky Space is all about delivering what embraces you and takes out the best from you. With packages that vary according to your budget and spaces that comprehend your team entirely, this coworking company stands out from the crowd.

3. Locker Facility

We all know that the increased use of mobiles, tablets and electronic gadgets has made lockers quite indispensable. For the sake of the security of your employees, Skyspace offers you a  workplace that has a locker facility so that your employees can store their belongings at work. 

4. Cafeteria

With the cafe facility in the workplace, your team members and staff will meet, eat, and be encompassed by your core values every day in your workplace. Core values give employees a sense of the company identity and their commitments. So Skyspace also offers a cafeteria that will always improve the productivity and efficiency of your employees. You can expect everything in our Cafeteria from drinks to food and snacks, these are some perks you can only enjoy in our coworking space on rent. 

5. Air Conditioned Premises

A workplace with an air conditioner increases the productivity of your employees because it reduces the temperature in the workplace and hence staff feel more comfortable. Therefore at Skyspace, we offer air conditioner rooms and halls that not only improve the air quality but also keeps the electronic gadgets cool and safe. Being the premium shared office space provider, we thrive to treat you as a world-class brand. 

6. Housekeeping

We all know that in the workplace, we are more prone to accidents if there is poor housekeeping. As we know that Housekeeping is not just about cleanliness but it also includes the work area free from any type of future hazards. At Skyspace, we maintain the halls and floors free from slip and trip accidents and always ensure that you are getting a safe environment to do work. Our shared office space for startups is COVID proof and best in hygiene. 

7. Lobby Directory

As you know that activating a building lobby with amenities like a cafe can transform a merely transitional space into a go-to destination. Due to this facility, your employees can do focused work, being socially connected, comfortable seating and thus have a better focus on work. Therefore Skyspace offers you a hospitality influenced lobby that will increase the productivity of your employees.

8. Power Backup

Do you know power outages can cause damage to electronics when it goes and comes immediately in excessive voltages? Or can affect your employees’ work a lot. So, therefore, at Skyspace, we have a battery backup for you and your employees so that your team can work in a better and effective manner. It’s easier and cheaper when you go for office space on rent than in your own private offices. 

9. Audio-Video Conference Rooms

An audio-video conference room keeps you connected with your clients around the globe. As well as connects you from the employees that are working from home or out on the road through audio and video conferencing. Therefore Skyspace has also audio-video conference rooms so that you will be in contact with your clients and employees at all times and in this way, the teamwork of your small business is also increased day by day.

10. High-Speed Internet

As we know in the present times, all things are based on the internet. High-speed internet increases the productivity of your employees. We know very well that with the help of high-speed internet, your employees can meet the deadlines and can connect with clients in a better way. So Skyspace offers you internet connection with great speed so that you can work seamlessly. 

11. Administrative Support

We all know that Administrative support is very essential for the company because it makes it easier for a company to run smoothly without any issues. So at Skyspace, we not only provide your  business with an enhanced communication system but also develops the brand that it is attached with. Skyspace also takes care of business relationships in achieving the company’s goal.

12. Well Managed Parking

On-site, parking is very important for your employees. Because where they park their vehicles in emergencies or during office time. It is your responsibility  to have a well-managed parking area for your employees so that they can safely park their vehicles. That’s why Skyspace has a well managed On-site parking area so that you and your employees have not to see any future parking issues. In our rental office space in Indore, we comply with all guidelines to maintain social distance and safe parking for you.

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We discussed how much these basic amenities can improve the productivity and efficiency of your employees. Finding a place that offers all these basic amenities is very difficult. But skyspace has made all these things possible in a single workplace. Skyspace is centrally localised at the heart of Indore providing top-notch office space in Indore. Therefore, anyone can easily access your workplace. Offices are made to suit all styles of working. Apart from these amenities, we offer private space, dedicated desk, manager cabin, virtual office, meeting rooms that are simply private to keep your documents and data safe in it. We are also supported by technology expected by modern business.

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