What is The Best Location to Rent Office Space in Indore?

Best Location on Rent in Indore

Entrepreneurs are the future of the economy of India. With the motive of “Made in India”, “Start-Up India and Stand-Up India”, many budding entrepreneurs are coming up with out of the box ideas  to create something unique. Obviously, great ideas come with great imagination. And great imaginations come with a proper thought provoking environment. However, this environment consists of many things like connectivity, location, amenities, infrastructure, etc.

There are two options open for budding entrepreneurs. Either they can rent a coworking space in Indore or they can buy a new office for themselves. However purchasing an office, especially at the seed phase of the business is not at all advisable because it involves extremely heavy investments. However, renting a coworking space in Indore involves investments worth peanuts. 

Prime Locations in which you can rent a  coworking space for entrepreneur in Indore

Considering prime locations of Indore, PU4 commercial area, and scheme no. 78 are considered pioneers because of many legit reasons. Firstly these locations are located in the heart of the city. Secondly it facilitates easy commutation. Thirdly, it allows easy and smooth connectivity to the other important places like hotels, recreational cafes, theaters, libraries, hospitals, ATM’s, malls, etc. Fourthly, getting a coworking space on rent in Indore facilitates forming a positive image in the eyes of angel investors and venture capitalists. Having shared office space for entrepreneurs in the prime locations will give them confidence in your business and will also make them believe in your dreams and goals of achieving something big.

Renting a fully furnished office space in the prime locations of Indore has many other benefits. With renting shared office space, you can easily improve and increase your professional network. People with the same goals and aspirations tend to attract each other. It also helps you in improving  scalability and flexibility. Most rental office spaces in Indore provide lockins of 30 days minimum. Which  are very less as compared to that available on lease. Additionally, as your business grows, you have got options to increase the total number of workstations. Buying an office space Indore in prime locations like PU4 and Scheme no. 78, will cost you a huge amount however, renting the same will help you serve the purpose without being heavy on your pockets. Renting shared office spaces in the prime locations of Indore is also easy to set up, in fact, ready to move in. Because these are fully furnished, all you need to do is bring your team and laptop, and you are good to go.

However getting a furnished office on rent brings in many additional amenities. These include, high speed internet connections, furnitures, cabins, conference rooms, cafeteria, etc. 

What to expect while renting a coworking space in PU4 and Scheme number 78?

Getting an office space on rent in prime locations and at the heart of the city like Indore is not daunting anymore. Yes you heard that right. You can now rent your dream shared office space easily with Sky Space Coworking. Apart from getting an office space, in prime locations, you’ll get many more things.

It increases your chance of getting findings from the investors. Entrepreneurs need funds to grow and maintain their business startups. Addition to that, when it comes to growing your seed-phase business, it becomes utmost important to minimize your expenses and maximize upon your savings as a reserve. This practice must be focused upon for long term better and secured benefits.

However, co-working spaces create a creative and promoting productivity kind of work environment. Also it is a perfect place to blend knowledge sharing, collaboration and fun. Clubbed together, all of these components build up an ecosystem in which entrepreneurs and SMEs can bud and grow. However, apart from these basic features, there are many other physical characteristics of a coworking space in Indore that includes, furnishing, infrastructure, amenities, ambiance, spacing, speedy internet connection, etc.

Let us all have a look at a small comparison that reads what all benefits you can get with renting a coworking space in Indore with Sky Space

    AmenitiesSky Space Coworking PU4Sky Space  Coworking Scheme No. 78Other Coworking Space providers
High Speed InternetAvailableAvailableAvailable
Easy ConnectivityYesYesNo
Networking OpportunitiesYesYesYes
Prime LocationYesYesNo
Fully FurnishedYesYesYes
Dedicated Conference RoomsYesYesNo
Dedicated Meeting RoomsYesYesNo
Manager CabinsYesYesNo
Private WorkstationsYesYesYes
Lush-Green CampusYesYesNo
Easily Accessible YesYesNo
Flexibility of Working HoursYesYesNo
Thought Provoking InteriorsYesYesNo
Easy Convince and CommutationYesYesNo
Attracting FundsEasy – PossibleEasy – PossibleDifficult


As you can already see how we @SkySpace stand different from all other similar players of the market. I would suggest you don’t believe whatever you read till now about Sky Space Coworking. But how about experiencing the difference yourself? Yes book a site visit today.

We will be waiting for you. Happy Co-working!!!!!

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