What Safety Measures Should Coworking Space Take After Lockdown is Over?

Safety Precaution when Lockdown is over

COVID-19 or coronavirus has become the term that has threatened everyone. No one ever thought that a virus of size less than a cm would lock down the whole world. But what about when this lockdown ends?

As we all know, the coronavirus pandemic is not going to end soon, in fact, it has changed our lives forever and so our working environment. This virus is a droplet infection which spreads if we touch contaminated objects. Moreover, the lockdown has affected everyone mentally as well as physically. 

The Corporate world is coming back into life slowly and steadily but with complete gear and attire to fight and minimize the infection by taking the ultimate measures to guarantee the safety of coworking space and the employees at the highest level.The surroundings will be a key element in ensuring your business can climb to the sudden break and befriend itself in the long route. It is also imperative that your workers do not feel bewildered when they return to the office. After all, they have to re-adjust to working from their desks and office space. The lockdown hasn’t been comfortable for anyone and it is important for companies to make their employees feel appraised and welcomed at work. 

Consequently, a smart company would have taken adequate steps to ensure that its workforce is motivated and inspired to take on their work with full zeal and energy as before.

Tips to Ensure 100% Hygiene and Safe Environment after Lockdown is Over:

Safety Measures for Coworking Space

1. Sanitization at the very entry of office

Every worker should be strictly ordered to wash hands and sanitize themselves before entering the premises. Arrangements should be made in this context by placing sanitizer bottles, hand wash or sanitizing screen along with mandatory thermal screening. A supervisor should also be elected to monitor that everyone is strictly following the instructions. Employees should be encouraged to wash hands before and after any task.

2. Planning the space

With the lockdown edging up, many companies have already put in place protection steps to protect their company and workers. Social distancing has to be maintained with desks and workstations kept at a distance of at least 6 feet from each other.

Indore Coworking Spaces should concentrate on providing individual cabins for teams wherever feasible so that the Intercommunication at the space is restricted to the team members within one’s company or team. In any case, affiliates should keep a few feet distance from each other when interacting.

3. Provision of Gloves and Masks 

The members should be advised and encouraged to wear gloves while exchanging files or other objects. Also, they should wear masks to minimize the infection’s chances. The Coworking spaces can also place dedicated cabinets for gloves and masks which members can wear as per their preference and necessity to keep the chances of infection at the minimum.

4. Daily Cleaning and Sanitization – 

Sanitizing or Disinfecting is all about absolute cleaning with multiple disinfectants or chemicals to kill viruses from the roots. Hence, every corporate organization and offices must carry out daily cleaning with a regular schedule of disinfection and sanitization, in short, a regular Sanitization of the entire premise including the bathrooms, pantry, workstations, even the furniture and fittings to completely cut down the chances of germ buildup.

5. Rotation of Duties

The consequence of the coronavirus will be there for a while. This means, businesses can no more act as before but take in the new actuality in place, the ‘new normal’. This means that managers will need to adjust a shift based or rotational work system where a part of the team will work from the office and the rest from home. This way, the spread can be reduced and safety can be ensured to everyone.

6. Support your team

Not all members will have the same zeal after returning to work as they had before. Some might be in disbelief and continue without care. All these symptoms must be brought up at a consistent safe space to talk/meet personally and ensure them of the position. Workers should be made aware the work environment is being sanitized daily, reassure them that they are taken care of, and formulate a sense of belonging by accepting their worries and anxieties. Perform stress-busting activities where they can talk about their feelings, without any fear.

7. Make your workers responsible

Be it the washrooms or the pantry or the common area, its vital for every member to be careful and aware when it comes to keeping the co-working space and fittings clean when using the bathroom, do keep it neat and dry at all times as wet exteriors are rearing grounds for any germs and viruses, also try not to splatter while washing hands, in short use the best of your common civic senses while using the public services in coworking spaces same for the kitchen area, guarantee to clean up any leftover you might have dropped and do not forget to wash hands before and after.

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The above are some quick measures that can help you and your coworkers fight from this tough time. Also, you can make an emergency plan with your teammates which can be used in any such further situations. It will become a guide to follow and must include information such as measures to protect employees and emergency contacts. It is essential to ensure workers that the work atmosphere is secure and hygienic while at the same time you should accept their fears. Sky Space is one of the brands that has always put hygiene in priority. With an all-round sanitization and everyday cleaning, Sky Space Office Space in Indore redefines the high-class environment to work. After Lockdown is over, there are mandatory steps to be taken by Sky Space to enforce a comprehensive sanitization process and ensure a healthier atmosphere to work and rebuild the economy of this country. 

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