How is Skyspace Supporting Coworking clients During Corona?

Sky Space Support During Corona

WHO has already declared the CoronaVirus as the greatest pandemic in the history of mankind. The whole world is suffering from it. The conditions are worsening every day as the number of positive cases of the Coronavirus is increasing drastically. Even countries with top-notch medical facilities such as Italy, Spain, and the global superpower USA are not able to control and combat the situation. The businesses are suffering, the economy is crashing and everyone is affected by it.

In such threatening situations maintaining proper hygiene in co-working spaces is very important to keep yourself and others safe from this pandemic. Skyspace coworking cares about the health of its clients and people working here. We are keeping ourselves updated with the latest guidelines given by the WHO and local authorities to take the best preventive measures to ensure the safety of the people working here.

The safety of our clients is the foremost mission for us and we are constantly working to provide a safe and hygienic environment to the businessmen, freelancers, startups, and employees working in our Furnished Office Space in Indore. The startups and businesses (our clients) are not only important for us but also play a crucial role in the country. It is because they are working day and night to support the crashing economy in tough times. So, it’s our duty to take care of their health and to provide them a safe and positive environment to work at our Office Spaces in Indore.

We ensure your safety so that you can totally focus on the work and don’t have to care about every small thing to keep yourself safe from COVID-19.

Here are the measures that we are taking at Sky Office Space in indore to ensure the safety of our clients –

  1. All the members working in the shared office space are made aware of the latest guidelines and policies and are encouraged to follow them for their safety.
  2. We have started screening the body temperature of the people so that we can take proper steps against the infected person to ensure the safety of the rest of the people.
  3. We have stopped using the biometric thumbprint to ensure that people don’t touch the common places.
  4. The commons cafeterias are closed and people are asked to bring their own food to avoid the gathering and spread of the virus through common touchpoints.
  5. We are taking care of the travel history of the people working in the offices and anyone coming from high-risk zones is advised to work from home for 14 days or can be allowed only after the proper checkups and screening.
  6. We are constantly sanitizing the work surfaces, meeting rooms and other common places three times a day to keep the working space free from the COVID- 19.
  7. Alcohol-based sanitizers are placed at all corners of the office and also at the places of multiple touch points such as conference rooms, toilets, and security desks.
  8. We have provided gloves and masks to all the working staff of Skyspace and they have strictly advised wearing this equipment throughout the working hours. The masks and gloves are discarded daily through proper protocols.
  9. Conducting live sessions with doctors to stay updated and keep the people aware of the precautions necessary to take in order to avoid the spread of the virus.
  10. Several posters are used on the walls to constantly remind everyone to wash their hands regularly, avoid shaking hands and strictly using the tissue paper while sneezing or coughing in the office arena.

How to Stay Safe at Your Coworking Space by Covid-19?

We understand that the consequences of even the slightest mistake can be disastrous. The whole world is fighting one of the greatest battles of the century and the worst thing is that we don’t have any solutions so far to fight against this enemy. The only way to fight against COVID-19 is to maintain good hygiene and follow the protocols and guidelines issued by the health committees. We, at Skyspace Indore, are trying our best to ensure the safety of our clients because for us their health is our health and we can’t take any risks with it.

Skyspace is dedicated to providing the best hygiene facilities in its coworking space on rent in indore. You can now work without any worries. Skyspace provides world-class amenities in its Furnished offices. If you are also looking for an office space that cares for your health and is ready with all the necessary precautions to save you and your work from the pandemic caused by COVID – 19, then Contact us, Today!

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