Safety Measures to Take Care of In a Co-working Space to Stay Safe from Coronavirus

To Stay Safe From The Corona-virus Effect

The Novel Coronavirus has taken over the World! It’s time to know about the Safety Measures we need to take care of in our co-working spaces. For you to stay safe from the CoronaVirus, Ensuring 100% Hygiene is mandatory these days. This pandemic has affected the people globally and businesses are hit hard with sloping down the revenues.

The World Health Organization has declared this as a historic Pandemic. This demands extra care and precautions to stay safe and remain unaffected by Covid-19.  Let’s Talk about these precautions you should take in a co-working space in Indore.


Corona Safety Tips
  1. Meeting with Team or Client: The worst side of Coronavirus is its symptoms which are almost the same as common cold or cough. It is very tough for anyone to identify a person without a valid test. Though there are thermal screenings available at the co-working spaces maintaining proper distance and practicing social distancing practice is most useful. 
  2. Carry A Sanitizer: While coming to your co-working office, you may get exposed to bacterias, it makes necessary to carry a sanitizer. Don’t worry about cleanliness in your co-working space, they are super clean and have liquid hand wash available. So, Just take care while coming to office, Leave rest to them! Coworking offices are amazing in maintaining stunning hygiene. 
  3. Wear a Mask: Though, the scientists have said that this virus is heavier than air and it is not possible that it can spread through flying in the air, but wearing masks can yet save you in public places. Ensure that the mask you are wearing is prescribed by the doctor. In an Office Space, the air is pure and sanitized, you need not worry about the possibility of spreading this inside it. Remember that common masks are effective only when they are used with a rub of soap or sanitizer having good alcohol content. Having complete information about disposing the masks is necessary. If you are using one time mask, always dispose of it quickly in closed containers. Avoid touching your front of the mask from your hands and quickly wash your hands if you have done this. 
  4. Namaste Over Handshake: The world is learning from India amidst this Pandemic. India’s Tradition of Gesturing People with both palms closed called Namaste is getting viral. It’s because Handshake generates possibilities of transmitting the virus from one body to another. So, in your next meeting, greet your client or team members with this gesture and tell them about this. It will help reduce the coronavirus effect from meetings. 
  5. Don’t Touch Face: According to recent updates from Doctors, it has been found that the most common way of this virus entering our body is through Eyes, Nose or Mouth. Our hand is vulnerable to the virus and then if we touch our face from an infected hand, it may lead to transmission inside our body. It necessitates our prevention from using the hand to touch any sense organs like Eyes, Nose or Face. Touch face only after you have washed your hand properly or sanitized it through sanitizer. There are clean washrooms in Co-working spaces, you should use them regularly and after every meeting with an outsider. 
  6. Stay Home if feeling ill: There is no option other than staying at home if you feel any of the symptoms of COVID-19. Remember that attacking an ill body is easy for any virus. Also, you should stay home to stop spreading anything in the community of people. You can do this only by staying home until you are 100% healthy and fit. Since, coronavirus symptoms are almost unidentifiable, we should not predict anything or take any pill without doctor’s prescription. Make sure that you consult your doctor if you are unable to recover in one or two days. 
  7. Avoid Fake News: While you are in your co-working space, avoid believing on rumours and fake news about coronavirus. People are spreading rumors to get attention and earn some extra money out of fear of people. Wrong Information may affect your brain and push the panic button which could lead to stress and health issues. Trust only on World Health Organization websites and news updated by them. Social media and Whatsapp university are two primary sources of Fake prevention methods and rumours. 

Reading Recommended Co-working is all about socializing!

There are many rumours spread outside about the prevention methods. Taking example of one rumour which is “Wear Gloves while in public and coronavirus will not spread”. WHO Says that washing hands regularly is the more accurate option because if a virus is in your gloves, it may reside there for hours.

Co-working spaces are taking utmost care about hygiene and Safety. From sanitizing  the office regularly, they as usual have rigorous cleaning procedures that eliminates any chances of virus entering the room or spreading in the community. Even on regular days, Top leading office spaces in Indore like Sky Space coworking have satisfactory preventive measures in schedule. Be assured with such giant brands who care for their people and put values above than anything. 

Sky space office space has enabled the use of sanitizer for everyone entering the co-working space in all locations. Aligned with the Guidelines of WHO, Sky space is taking every necessary precaution to stop the spread of this virus. The staff of Sky space is updated with news and vigilant about the surroundings. They are given proper training to fight the pandemic and take care of people working hard for their dreams. Being in the prime location of heart of India, Sky Space Coworking advises people to stay safe and follow precautionary measures and remain updated with the News. 

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